Implemented projects and actions:

Child Friendly space

In May 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina was affected by biggest floods ever when many towns, municipalities and villages were flooded. A large number of children were directly endangered by this disaster. In order to help the children and their families, to overcome this crisis situation, Save the Children opens Child friendly space all over the Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Child friendly space is way of direct work with children. Save the Children implement this method worldwide, especially in crisis situations. On that way, CFS provides a safe space where children can be sheltered and safe from any dangerous or risk of psycho – physical health and safety. Child friendly space provides children with continuous learning and growing up immediately after crisis situation.
In August 2014, the Association "Nova generacija" in cooperation with Save the Children opened Child friendly space in Banja Luka through the project financed by UNICEF, SDC and SIDA.

More knowledge, more possibilities

Through years of experience in the field of children’s protection, organization "Nova Generacija" recognized the need to have a comprehensive database easily accessed in one place concerning the information about services and service providers for the children at risk for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the pilot project "More knowledge, more possibilities", before-mentioned information will be integrated from five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the citizens will have access to information on social services in those cities and how to reach those services.
The project is financed by the “Samaritans workers” (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, e.V. Germany) and will function through the partnerships with Humanitarian organization "Altruist" from Mostar, women’s organization "Nada" from Prijedor, "Zemlja Djece" organization from Tuzla and citizen’s organization "Oaza". The webpage will contain the database from organizations and institutions that provide social services for the children at risk in five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was also contain literature and research database from this area as well as an open forum through which the citizens will able to ask questions and receive answers regarding providing social services for the children at risk.

Safe house for children

A safe house for children titled "Children's House - a safe place" is intended for children who are victims of violence and exploitation. This is the first shelter in Bosnia-Herzegovina intended exclusively for children. The safe house is run by trained psychologists, social workers and educators, and has the capacity of 14 beds.
Children who are placed in the safe house are victims of violence and exploitation. There are  implemented protective measures  that the victim is physically and psychologically protected from the abuser and/or exploiters. Children are given protection of life, physical integrity and mental health and measures are done in order to prevent further abuse and misuse.
Child victims placed in a safe house have five meals during the day and a variety of creative and recreational activities.
Children are included in the school system, provided with health care and protection.
When placing the child in a safe house we provide an adequate professional approach on admission throughout the adaptation period, and during individual and group work with the child.
For every victim an individual treatment plan is made  within seven days (therapeutic,  educational activities, cultural activities, recreational activities, etc.), and conditions for establishing or maintaining contact with family, relatives and environment are created.
During implementation of this project, cooperation was established with the Center for Social Work Banja Luka. Since the children can be from other municipalities from the RS and BiH, it was also important to achieved partnership and cooperation with other Centers for Social Work.
In addition, we cooperate with the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, and with the Ministry of Security.
In the course of its work the Association has been cooperating with the police, State Investigation and Protection Agency, the Department for Foreigner Affairs and the Prosecutor's Office, and the cooperation with these institutions certainly continues  for this project and its activities.


"For women – to know" project

The project "Women - to know" is continued cooperation with Association Inicijativa i civilna akcija (ICVA) from Sarajevo and Zemlja djece from Tuzla, with support of the European Union. In 2013, we conducted research on the topic of discrimination against women in the judiciary, education, health, social security and employment, and when we didn't get satisfactory results. Because of this, the project "For Women – to Know" was aimed at educating women, primarily from rural areas, the concept of discrimination and gender equality. Activities of the project are contributed to the increase in the level of knowledge of women about this issues and to change their minds on the issues of discrimination and inequality. The project includes 20 local communities in the city of Banja Luka and is divided promotional materials with the guidelines and information when and from whom they can ask help when they find themselves in a disadvantaged position and discriminant.

"To solution with their own hands" project

Foundation "Mosaic" as part of the "All Inclusive" project supported a project of the Association „Nova generacija“ titled "To solution with their own hands". The aim of the project is to increase the autonomy of young people from vulnerable categories, without education or with acquired uncompetitive profession, through training in the acquisition of various practically applicable skills.
40 young people (young people from the PI Orphenage "Rada Vranjesevic", users of the association "Hi neighbour", young people from families registered at the Centre for Social Work and young people users of the Day care center for child victims of domestic violence) aged 15-30 years will by the 15th of April 2015th undergo one of trainings in accordance with their interests. Training to be held are: basic plastering course, a course for making nails, a basic welding course, basic bike repair course, a course on the basics of growing fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse, basic sewing course, course of making solar toys and creative workshops (mastering the decoupage technique, different techniques of making jewelry and painting on glass). Obtaining basic knowledge and skills that they will be able to practically apply in the future, young people who have fewer opportunities to obtain employment could achieve a greater degree of autonomy, which would reduce the pressure on the social welfare system and enhance their social integration into society.

"Dandelion" project

Association “Nova generacija" has recognized the need for action in the areas of reintegration, psychological empowerment and emotional support to child victims and potential victims of human trafficking in BH, and the need for action in prevention and informing the public and children about this problem. Through the activities of individual and group counseling work and creative workshops with children in a safe house we will work on emotional empowerment and reintegration of child victims or potential victims of trafficking and violence. Through promotional activities we will influence on raising the awareness of public on this problem, and through a seminar for employees in the field of education and social welfare we conceived a short training for experts on human trafficking, especially children trafficking. The project will include all children living in a safe house in the project implementation period (10 months) and a number of professionals in this field.

"I'm not for sale"

Association “Nova generacija”, for the third consecutive year, marks the 18th October – European Day against Human Trafficking. This year, in addition to marking this date, the project includes activities that focus on creative workshops with high school students from Banja Luka; jewelry, painting on glass and decoupage technique; that will run from 24 June to the end of August, and all the works will be exhibited at the great humanitarian selling exhibition on 18th of October. The funds will be used for working with children that are placed in a Safe house for children - Children's house, a safe place. Motivated students will, in these workshops, in addition to new knowledge, have the opportunity to socialize, use of their free time over the holidays in a good way, but also to learn more about the concept of human trafficking. At beginning of the school year, we will organize workshops in high schools for students from Student Council; we will select the best paper on the subject of human trafficking; and all this we will present to our town of Banja Luka on the European Day against Human Trafficking. This project was supported by the German government organization GIZ, and implemented in collaboration with the PI Center for Social Work Banja Luka, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the Ministry of Security BH.

Research on Prevention of Discrimination against Women

Association “Nova generacija”, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations Initiative and Civil Action (ICVA) and the Land of children, with the support of the European Union, is conducting research in the framework of the project related to the prevention of discrimination against women in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Research by region of the Republic of Srpska and the Federation BH is related to the needs and practices of educational, health institutions and institutions in the field of labor and employment in the implementation of European standards in the prevention of discrimination against women, as well as the implementation of the Law on Gender Equality BH and the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination BH.

Results of the research on the willingness, capacities and needs of institutions from the field of education, health, work/employment in the application of standards for the protection of women against discrimination will be used for the development of future programs for the advancement of the position of women in BH society, and we hope to assist in defining internal procedures and regulation for institutions in accordance with needs and the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union standards.

The research findings, with recommendations, will be available in October 2013th.

Research on the effect of the program "Prevention of violence against children in BH"

Independent Monitoring Team that monitors the National strategy to combat violence against children in BH 2012-2015, consisting of seven non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, conducts research on the impact of programs aimed at prevention of violence against children. The research will be conducted in 100 educational institutions across the country in May-June 2013th. Association "Nova generacija" Banja Luka is one of the members of this team, which will, as a part of this Program, do research in the Unsko-Sanski Canton, in Banja Luka and Prijedor – Republic of Srpska. The study involves filling out a simple questionnaire in which the children will express their views and opinions on the issue and forms of violence against children in their environment. The questionnaire is anonymous and it is on a voluntary basis.
The research will be done in accordance with the Child protection policy and Code of Ethics of research about children and with children in BH, as well as with the approval of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BH, and the responsible entity and cantonal ministries of education. Findings from the research will help us get relevant information about the existence and effectiveness of programs to prevent violence against children in BH, and also to make recommendations for the development of specific policies and programs to prevent and reduce violence against children and to improve the lives and rights of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Developing capacity for independent living

The idea for the project stemmed from the need for additional professional training of young people to live independently in the community. Through activities of direct education and working in workshops with children who are in the final year of high school and older minors who do not attend secondary school, we will provide a free way of acquiring skills that they can use in the future. Participants are children and young people users of the Day-care center for children, JU "Center for social work" Banja Luka, MDD Merhamet Banja Luka and numerous other organizations and associations. The project implements the basic course of computer training, jewelry workshop and painting on glass course.Project activities include 30 children, with equal representation of both genders.

Education of the Young without Parental Care for Life in Community

During 2005 “Nova generacija” has implemented a project ‘Education of the Young without Parental Care for Life in Community’, financed by NGO “Amici dei Bambini” Italy.
A considerable number of children living in dormitory reflect different psychosocial problems that complicate their adaptation, school achievement, professional qualification and establishing adequate social relations and all as a part of their preparation to independent life. After they leave the dormitory, the biggest problem for children is their inadequate preparation for life in community. That is why it goes on with the non-adapted behavior which reproduces social problems. In addition to standard content and methodology in helping children, it is necessary to introduce forms of work that will give satisfactory results, particularly those in finding ways to better social integration of children in the community.
This program is based on ecological models (continual human contact and dynamic interaction between children and adult volunteers), with no desire to suppress the "pathological" behavior, yet to provide guidance on health, development, and future. Our long-term goal through project activities is to develop and improve skills of young people in the dormitory for better adaptation, improving their academic performance, guiding them to choose profession and life without excessive conflicts with the social community.

Alcoholism and Rehabilitation – Club of Treated Alcoholics

In at least painful way, the Club of Treated Alcoholics provides alcoholic what is the best for him: the group of patients who are classified as “same” or similar and as much authority as he can accept at a given moment. The main task of this project is to make easier and ensure the complete and permanent abstinence. Organized activity in the Club animates all patients and therapists, and the common positions, which lead to a new form of social activity, are being built. This is, in fact, the effective treatment and rehabilitation that take place on the basis of humanization and respect the personality of patient.

Project "For Life"

This project is intended for each child without parental care as individual, who lives in the Institutions for abandoned and neglected children. It is envisaged through the activities of the project, based on the specific situation and specific needs of each child, to make an action plan and integrated invention plan in cooperation with other authorized institutions and organizations. The project “For Life” follows the child in the institution, but in the stages of reintegration in the family context, until the positive solution for the child and the family (whether it is a natural, foster or adoptive family). Through the activities of this project, our focus will be on meeting the needs of a child to the family.

Gender Stereotypes as a Cause of Violence against Women and Girls

Bojan Arula, the chairman of NGO “Nova generacija”, is engaged, by the Association “United Women”, as domestic violence expert in research on gender stereotypes and their relation to violence over women and girls. The study was conducted in five cities in Republic of Srpska and five high schools: Gymnasium Banja Luka, Gymnasium Derventa, Gymnasium “Jovan Dučić” Trebinje, Secondary School “Ivo Andrić” Višegrad, Secondary Technical and Vocational School Gradiška. The project is financial supported by “UNIFEM”.

Psychological and Social Workshops

During 2008 and 2009 “Nova generacija” has implemented a series of social and psychological workshops aimed at developing and improving social intelligence and creativity in children from the Orphanage “Rada Vranješević”. Workshops are being held every Saturday with a group of 12 tots, aged 10 years, who have been evaluated for this assistance form. The duration of the workshop is an hour and the half, and is implemented by the professionals experienced in working with children (psychologist and social worker).

Let’s Make Christmas

Action “Let’s Make Christmas” is a campaign dedicated to raise funds for the purchase of candies, toys, school supplies, clothes and other little things to make holidays better for children in orphanages of Republic of Srpska. On this occasion, a short charity number is provided in order to collect a portion of funds for this action. The Action is available to all those (people of goodwill, individuals, organizations) who want to take part and support this kind of solidarity with kids without parental care. It is anticipated that the action has an extensive media promotion from 01 December 2011. For this purpose, it is planned to record a song and spot with the tots and celebrities, a short documentary film, presentation and promotion of humanitarian projects that are being implemented in these institutions, the auctions the paintings and works by children in the orphanage, as well as other actions of a similar nature that are planned by some of our partners. One portion of funds, collected through active participation of our dots, will be donated to other two institutions: Cirkin polje near Prijedor (mentally retarded children) and Bureau of Female Children and Youth Visegrad.

Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children of Republic of Srpska

Public Fund for Child Protection RS has launched a project “Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children of Republic of Srpska” in 2003, which enables tot from all cities of RS a holiday for free in Kumbor. Two years in a row, at the outset of the projects, social work students, volunteers of NGO “Nova generacija” have participated as educators in this wonderful project. The project continues today, under the auspices of the Social Work Student Union of University of Banja Luka.

Prevention and Health Protection of Children in Elementary and Secondary School

NGO “Nova generacija” and Social Work Student Union in cooperating with the Association of Psychologists of Republic of Srpska have implemented a project that will later allow amendment of Law on Primary and Secondary Education. Our volunteers, graduate social work students together with their colleagues in the department of Psychology, spent the entire school year in five secondary and primary schools in Banja Luka, and with their knowledge, hard work and dedication, they have achieved significant results. Thanks to them, we succeeded to insert a recommend on the mentioned law that every school expert team should include a social worker. A large number of schools in Banja Luka have employed social workers, increasing the chance of a timely response and rehabilitation of social case, which may affect children in schools.

Promotion of Foster Care

Cooperation between NGO “Nova generacija”, Social Work Student Union, Pro Familia and the Center for Social Work Banja Luka is up to date, and has been begun throughout the project “Promotion of Foster Care”. The goal has been to actively work on deinstitutionalization, and to identify and educate potential foster families for children who are, for whatever reason, left without parental care. The results of this project are visible even today. PI “Center for Social Work” Banja Luka accommodates less than 10 children in the institutions. Over 150 tots are in some form of foster care or in foster families. Deinstitutionalization works!

Promotion and Development of Volunteerism

In cooperation with the Youth Communicative Center, NGO “Nova generacija” has engaged its own members as mentors to high school students who wanted to contribute by volunteering. Institutions that were included in this project were the Orphanage “Rada Vranjesevic” Banja Luka and Rehabilitation Institute “Dr Miroslav Zotovic”.

Second Chance for Education

One better example of cooperation with the Center for Social Work and Social Work Student Union, supported by Save the Children UK! The target group was boys and girls, who had been in conflict with the law and as consequence to bad behavior lost the right to education. Every child who has been involved in the project had his own volunteer – tutor, with whom he was actively working on mastering the curriculum. The regular practice was set up for those whose school obligations were too hard. The result was 100% secondary school completion for children were involved in the project.

Education of Social Work Students to Help Traumatized Children to Overcome Traumas

In cooperation with the Association “Narko Ne” Sarajevo (eng. Nark No) was organized the education of social work students to help traumatized children to overcome traumas. The training lasted for three days, and the lectures were experts in this field, who work with traumatized children in Switzerland. In this manner we tried to impact on the capacity of future professionals who will work with children.

Education of Students and the Professionals on the Topic “Trauma and Reconciliation”

In cooperation with the humanitarian creative organization “Kruh Svetog Ante” Sarajevo (St. Anthony Bread), NGO “Nova generacija” has educated a total of 40 professionals and social work students on the topic of trauma and reconciliation in two years. The seminar consisted from three two-day courses. The first course was held in Banja Luka, while the other two were held in Catholic Monasteries in Rama and Sarajevo. Our and other professionals in the country were participants of this training.

Policies, rules and procedures

Current projects and actions