A school for parents, how to educate a child in modern times

We know a lot about parenting skills, but sometimes it is not enough...
For parents, modern times has set new challenegs, but less time.
A school for parents has a goal to strengthen the parents for nonviolent and not too indulgent methods of education and discipline for children, which they will use to build a relationship of trust and cooperation with their children, preparing them for independent life in the society they live in.
A school for parents is designed to, through clear concepts and concrete practical methods, facilitate the process of education of children and to provide insights into which ways of education of children will have which outcomes when a child becomes an adult.

The topics covered:
• How is the method of education our parents used during educating us connected to the method of education we, as parents, use.
• The types of messages we send to children and adults and what do we achieve with certin messages (realistic and unrealistc criticism and praise for a being or behaviour). Which messages act encouraging and constructively and which ones distort the parent-child relationship and a children's realistic overview of themselves and their own abilities.
• How to establish the quality cooperation with a child and how to set the limits constructively.
• The importance of discipline and how to establish it without violent methods.
• Introduction to the destructive styles of education and ways to prevent such styles.
• The influence of modern technologies onpsycho-social developement of a child.
• The importance of playing and how to use recycled materials to make toys together with your child.
• The importance of free time that parents leave for themselves. At this meeting we will answer the additional questions that parents might have and which we have not answered during the training.

Working methods
The training covers all of the topics mentioned above and is usually organized in 8 meetings, held twice a week. One meeting lasts for 2 hours. There is a total of 18 hours of training. There is a possibilty of an agreement to lessen the number of meetings and to increse the duration of the meetings. The number of participants per a group can be at least 6 and a maximum is 15 members.
The training is designed as a balans between theory, practise and working on specific situations that parents themselves recommend.

About the training leaders
The training will be led by Snezana Jondza, a Psychologist and Transactional analysis advisor, (biography)
Bojana Delibasic Bjelic, a Social worker, (biography)
The training School for parents or how to educate a child in modern times is a training that the training leaders have been leading since 2013.

Policies, rules and procedures

Current projects and actions