Reception Center for Children Caught in Begging and Vagrancy

“Nova generacija” in cooperation with PI “Center for Social Work” Banja Luka realizes activities to protect children and youth caught in begging and vagrancy. The Reception Center is open 24 hours a day. The Reception Center temporarily accepts and places children and adolescents, who find themselves in begging, vagrancy or in other circumstances when emergency accommodation, medicine and hygiene measures, meals, identification and compilation of findings about their behavior are needed. All this is done in order to return the child to the primary family or to the Center of Social Work, which is competent for that child.

During the children’s stay in the Reception Center, depending on the current needs of the child, educators have a duty to offer different types of services such as:
• Documenting acceptance of a child,
• Organizing a safe and humane child’s short stay,
• Determining the identity of minors caught up in vagrancy and getting to know the circumstances under which the child went to the vagrancy,
• Development of social history of the child,
• Providing food for the child,
• Providing hygienic measures,
• Providing clean cloths,
• Organizing free time,
• Connecting with family, guardians or Social Care Institution from which child escaped,
• Transportation and assistance during the child’s return to the family or the institution from which child escaped or giving him back to the competent guardianship authority,
• Documenting handover of the child.


Policies, rules and procedures

Current projects and actions