Why volunteer?

There are many reasons why you should choose to volunteer. Here are some of them:

• To support the work and the vision of “Nova generacija”,
• To do something useful, unusual and interesting,
• To meet new people (big and small),
• To gain experience and skills,
• Enrich your personal growth, as well as your biography.

If you speak to our volunteers, you will find out that they really enjoy volunteering in our volunteer programs and that they are happy to participate in creating a happy and safe childhood for children who use our services. So why not get involved and help in creating of happy and safe childhood to children and youth.



The volunteer may be an adult person, who is motivated to develop and improve as a person and/or a professional. A person who is ready to provide support to those who need help, someone who is active, conscientious and responsible towards himself and others, someone who is ready, to actively contribute to the community through volunteer engagement, while becoming mature, more humane and socially useful person.

Volunteer programs you can join:

Project: Older Brother - Older Sister

Duration of volunteer engagement: one year minimum

Volunteer activities: at least once a week (most desirably at weekends) a volunteer socializes with a child involved in the project. Children are 5-16 years old. During this time, a volunteer helps child with studying, with homework, plays social games with him, go out together (park, movies, theater, museums, shopping malls, bus and train station etc), and all that in order to socialize the child and present him a real life situations, obligations and responsibilities that he/she has as a full-fledged member of the community he lives in. Volunteer’s task is to bring out a positive image to the child, help and support in growing up without tackling child's problems from the past and situation in his family.

Our expectations from volunteer: responsible and conscientious relation towards the volunteer activities, mandatory reporting to the child/parent/guardian in the event of any failure in the agreed time of arrival, writing and turning in monthly reports about common activities with the child, about the child's behavior and improvement during socializing (improvements in school, social skills, communication, hygiene etc), attendance at regular volunteer meetings and supervision, respecting the internal documentation of the Association Nova generacija as well as respecting the rules established within the system of support towards the child involved in the project.
What we offer to the volunteer: basic education that will enable easier volunteer work, group and individual supervision. We will also, occasionally, organize joined workshops for volunteers and children, as well as meetings and picnics. This is opportunity for volunteers to improve their social and professional skills.

All volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering for a defined period.

Projects: Day-care Center for Children

Duration of volunteer engagement: at least 6 months

Volunteer activities: based on previously made volunteer schedule, a volunteer comes to the premises of the Day-care Center at the arranged time of a day and spends some of his leisure time socializing with children (playing social games, watching movies, participating in creative and/or educational workshops, helping with homework and other activities as arranged).
Our expectations from volunteer: responsible and conscientious relation towards volunteer activities, coming at the arranged time, creativity and patience in work with children, leaving clean and neat rooms after time spent with children, respecting the internal documentation of the Association Nova generacija.
What we offer to the volunteer: short education about the Day-care Center’s work and problems of the children who are the users of the Center, introduction of the ways of treatment of this children category, help and support with solving problems that might appear during the volunteering, supervision, possibility of learning and working in our Association for all creative, responsible and interested volunteers.

All volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering for a defined period.

Project: Blue phone

Duration of volunteer engagement: at least 9 months

Volunteer activities: minimum of 4 hours per week, based on previously made volunteer arrangement, a volunteer comes to premises of the Association at the scheduled time and is engaged in answering the advisory line. The calls can be related to reporting of child abuse, neglect, child labor and other forms of children exploitation. Volunteers provide advice and guidance to children, parents and professionals regarding the issues mentioned above.

Our expectations from volunteer: responsible and conscientious relation towards the volunteer activities, mandatory arrival in the agreed time, ingenuity and patience in the conversation with the caller, applying techniques adopted during the training, respecting the internal documentation of the Association Nova generacija, regularly keeping the call records and attending regular supervision meetings. Preference is given to the students of humanities, but students who are confident that with their personal characteristics and affinities and motivation for gaining new skills, will manage to respond to the advisory line tasks are welcome. All volunteers first undergo an interview in which they must meet the criteria of the Association for engagement in this volunteer program. After this, volunteers undergo a mandatory training in duration of 40 hours. The training consists of 15 hours of education about Basics of advisory work at the line for children, 20 hours of Assertive training and 5 hours of intensive call simulation practices. After the training, a volunteer is provided with a mentor who helps volunteer prepare for the calls.

What we offer to the volunteer: Education about the forms of child abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, characteristics of these phenomena, techniques of the Blue phone work, phone counseling techniques, help and support in dealing with problems arising in the course of volunteering, Assertive communication training, regular group supervision, individual supervision and continuous learning and improvement opportunities.

After a minimum of 9 months volunteering, at the end of the engagement, volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering with the list of trainings volunteer has passed and the number of volunteer hours.

Project: Participation in fundraising events and promotional activities

Duration of volunteer engagement: Occasionally- on invitations

Volunteer activities: Based on pre-prepared schedule, at the agreed time, volunteer shares promotional material at a specific location, or participate in the exhibition sale or in any other activity that is organized as a part of the humanitarian or promotional action.
Our expectations from volunteer: responsible and conscientious attitude towards performing volunteer activities, arrival at the agreed time, respect of the Child protection policy.
What we offer to the volunteer: acquiring new experiences, knowledge and skills, involvement in humanitarian work of the Association, making new contacts.

All volunteers receive a certificate of volunteering for a defined period.

Applications for volunteers

Volunteer application in Acrobat PDF format (in Serbian) can be downloaded here.
The application can be filled out by hand or printed. You can attach a photo of you and send us the application through post office:

Njegoseva 23, 78000, Banjaluka, BIH

To send application via e-mail:
1. Save the application to your PC (click on “Save”)
2. Open the application and fill all fields
3. Space provided for the signature leave blank – you will sign the application on arrival for an interview
4. Send the filled application:
a. Save changes (Ctrl+S or File – Save as…) and then send the form to e-mail
b. b) To send from Reader click on File – Attach to e-mail (or similar, it depends on version)

If you have any questions, describe the problem and send us an e-mail to

Volunteers will be contacted according to the needs of the Association and available places.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for activities that are not included in our volunteer program, or an idea for creative and educational children’s workshop, feel free to contact us.

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