Psychological counseling center

Psychological Counseling Center functions as a part of “Nova generacija” and provides the necessary psychological support to you and your needs. There is no single approach that is suitable to all people. With the point to help everyone individually, the psychologist in the Psychological Counseling Center very carefully, without prejudice and with maximum discretion, meets with you and your problems. Afterwards he adjusts therapeutic process according to your problems. Psychological counseling should be chosen by everyone who feels: psychological pressure and problem, feels depressed and without energy and motivation, the fear that is causing problems in everyday life, too much stress etc. If you want to overcome stress, gain confidence and self-esteem, change your inappropriate behavior, find better way for introducing yourself and people around you, improve your communication skills and learn some new, progress at work, improve coping skills of anger management and mood swings ... In fact, anyone who wants to improve the quality of life and live life with more joy, this is the best way to do it.


Policies, rules and procedures

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